cropped-iSimangaliso-Icon-full-colour-1.jpg   iSimangaliso Trail Challenge

Date:  7 – 9 July 2017

Venue: iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Sugarloaf Campsite, Lake St Lucia Estuary

Format: The event consist of 3 stages

 Stage 1 (7 July 2017 ): Full moon beach run 6km (open to spectators, family and friends not doing the full event)

Stage 2 (8 July 2017): Maphelane Loop 37km

Stage 3 (9 July 2017 ): Cape Vidal to Sugarloaf Campsite, Lake St Lucia Estuary 38km

All stages start and finish at Sugarloaf Campsite where the race village is located, other than the third and final stage which starts at Cape Vidal. The race is well suited to a variety of runners with a relatively small amount of elevation gain across the 3 stages. While the sand dunes do provide some challenging sections, the general profile of each stage is quite flat when compared to other trail running events, especially those in the mountains.

The distances have been chosen to allow participants to cover significant portions of the iSimangaliso Wetland park and view the diversity of elevation located in the area. However, they have been kept below 40km allowing slower participants and those who want to take their take ample opportunity to finish within day light.

The overall event will be family orientated (not the running of stage 2 and 3) with a number of activities around the event that will provide for children while adults are out running. See the spectators page for more information.


Team prizes will be awarded to the first team of 2 and team of 3 across the finish line. Team members to not need to stay together throughout the event, instead their overall times will be added together to determine final team placings.

A few rules:

This is a not a race, its a challenge and an experience in one of South Africa’s most beautiful Parks. These rules are not intended to govern the event from a racing perspective, but rather help to ensure safety.

  1. There are no official cut-offs, but the organisers and medical crew reserve the right to remove a participant from the course for safety and/or medical reasons.
  2. All participants are to stick to the marked route at all times.
  3. All participants are to ensure they get marked off going through check points along the route as well as at the start of each stage.
  4. All participants are to carry all items on the compulsory gear list below.
  5. All participants must attend race briefings, especially the dangerous game briefing.
  6. Make sure your read the Big Game Briefing – click here


Compulsory Gear for stages 2 and 3 only:

  1. 1L hydration capacity
  2. Charged Cell phone in waterproof casing or bag
  3. Rain Jacket (not a windbreaker)
  4. Space Blanket
  5. Head lamp (stage 1 only)
  6. Whistle
  7. Small medical kit

iSimangaliso Trail Challenge, Stage 3 | Image: ©TerenceVrugtman / facebook.comadventurelifesa